Angie has performed vocally since early childhood. Classically trained, Angie has appeared in musical theater, choir, folk, and rock projects. An eclectic vocalist, Angie adds power and polish to Spigot's edgy rhythms!


Bruce has been fronting rock bands for more years than he cares to admit. With a background in concert choir, musical theater, and a capella groups, he uses his chameleonic vocals, wide range, and backup harmonies to bring the rock 'n' roll. Oh yeah, and he plays guitar and harmonica too.

Rich Web Pic

Rich started playing bass in 1976 after he traded Tennis lessons for guitar lessons. He bought a McCartney Beatles bass replica and built his first speaker cabinet at age 15. It worked surprisingly well (just ask his neighbors). Ever since, he has been laying down the groove in dozens of Rock, Blues, and R&B groups.


Horst grew up in a musical family: an opera singer, a composer, two Norwegian Idol finalists, pianists and guitarists. Horst started his musical life as a clarinetist, but after being inspired by a few too many rock concerts, he traded in his clarinet for a drum kit while in college, taught himself to play, and has been drumming in pop/rock/alternative groups ever since.


As a kid, Jon hated practicing the violin so he switched to guitar. Jon has been playing in bands for more than three decades. In his previous projects, he has played rock, pop, R&B, blues, and funk. He likes to play crunchy, rhythmic textures and distinct leads.